Profit From Precision Targeting And Intelligent Ad Serving

As an advertiser, precision targeting and intelligent ad serving is fundamental to your continued success. You need a solution that generates greater visibility, traffic, conversions for you, and maximises your ROI. Digital Advertising and Media Management Solutions, have been built to meet your needs to do just that – and much, more. Our solutions let you intelligently plan, manage, deliver, and track all your campaigns. It is a hosted, customised solution with extensive functionality enabling advertisers to do precision targeting, intelligent serving and ad tracking through our ad servers.

Features & Benefits

  • Hosted Service. Spend your resources developing effective campaign instead of in wasting it on ad server software installations, hardware management and repair. Reduced costs and increased control of ad management and serving processes.
  • Cost effective and scalable.
  • Fast and reliable ad serving. Our solution is running on highly optimized and reliable systems.
  • Intelligent optimisation and management of your campaigns.
  • Accurately limit and control your ad campaigns.
  • Powerful, flexible web-based User-Interface for easy management.
  • Real-time scheduling, tracking, reporting capabilities and campaign management.
  • Maximize ROI by delivering where it matters most. Advanced precision targeting and delivery. Multiple targetting options.
  • Deliver all types of rich media formats. Serve ads of different sizes.
  • Manage, serve and track ads on multiple publisher websites effectively using our centralised system.
  • Increase confidence of publishers. Provide them with our (third party for you and your publishers) ad tracking and reporting with campaigns.
  • Highly trained, professional operations support that you can reach live whenever necessary.

For more information, pricing and to subscribe for customised Digital Advertising and Media Management solution, please contact us.

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